Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 2 of freedom - Tuesday June 28, 2011

I am in day 2 of freedom - the second day of the rest of my life - yesterday morning the transition house at Heaven on Earth foundation confirmed my ticket is reserved - and I feel so safe - its hard to explain - I know its meant to be - and I know I am free - I am now an abuse survivor - not a victim anymore
I booked a seat on the underground railroad for female survivors of domestic violence and child abuse - and I can't wait to board the train - just the knoweldge that my slavery / captvitiy is over is such a huge relief - I have panic attacks but this is to be expected - I am determined to live in freedom - and I am happier than I ever though I would be

I am traveling to the freedom station on Thursday night to stay overnight in freedom - and I am most thrilled -thank you OP - and thank you Kareem - and thank you G-d and thank you Elana - and thank you the Heaven on Earth Foundation and Julia and thank you Mike I. and my Nigerian male friend thank you my new friends Wahleyah and Nikki and others - thank you Stephen S. and thank you Mark K - thank you Kineret and thank you Rabbi EW - and thank you Dorothy R. and thank you my new friend Cheyenne and Megan Clark - and Lorraine - and thank you Dawn and Luis

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