Monday, July 4, 2011

Before travelling to transition house - Thursday morning, June 30, 2011

I am taking the freedom train today - today is day 4 of my freedom - I can't wait - I am staying over for a few nights in the transition house to make sure its right - and then coming back to get my stuff and move in there permanently - i won't be on the computer again til Sunday -or Monday - I don't want to take the computer with me - that will only raise their suspicions -

i slept so well last night - and I feel soooo good walking up to the morning of freedom - it day 4 of freedom - and I am truly facing a new dawn - and I am so excited and happy - and I decided to postpone the conversation with my family - until I am certain that I am staying in that transition house - in fact i am thinking that maybe I will do the conversation first with grandma and then with mom and dad by phone while I am at the transition house on Sunday - this way I will be doing the conversation with my folks from a safe place - and if they respond by abusing me - then i can just hang up the phone -

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